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Our group was established in December 2008. We have expanded throughout the years and now we have a presence in the Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as Austria. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality possible – your satisfaction is our top priority. As our company is developing and our customers’ demands are increasing, we constantly focus on expanding our activities.

We are a successful group active on the Czech market as well as abroad. Our group is one of the top local providers of products and services in the area of decorative elements and modern premium surfaces. We can help you achieve a classic, elegant style but you can even go for something with a hint of royal elegance - whether you are working on a flats, houses, private residences, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops or other commercial sites. We are a certified dealer for the Italian companies CANDIS s.r.l. and SPIVER s.r.l. as well as the Belgian company ORAC NV. These excellent companies have something in common: a professional approach, good dynamics in their production teams and a desire to make products on a completely different level than most other producers. This is why working with them truly helps us turn your ideas into reality. The products and solutions these companies offer are at the top of their league, primarily thanks to the quality of processing and the materials used. Before a new product is introduced, it needs to pass rigorous tests which usually take several months. Although their success was a gradual process, the companies’ products are now best-sellers in their respective categories. The companies also attend various presentations both at home and abroad, where they prove time and again that their position is well-deserved.

Our activities mainly focus on the sale of products, providing expert advice and applying or installing the products directly at the customer’s desired location. We provide these services for both private projects and larger commercial ones, for instance in hotels or ceremonial spaces all over Czech Republic and abroad.

What makes us stand out from other companies is the exceptional quality of our work. Our team includes experts who have been trained directly by our producers and they all have a very professional approach to their work. They keep in touch with the latest news, technologies and products that are currently in high demand. Naturally, they are also experienced in practical applications. We can help you turn your ideas and desires into reality so that both your interiors and exteriors reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. The result is always surprisingly original and reveals a great focus on details. Not only is it practical, but also aesthetic, creating a perfect harmony between the two functions.

One of the main pillars of our business is developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships. We constantly strive to provide high-quality expert services since we know that customer satisfaction is key to success. That is why we employ a professional, individual approach in order to provide excellent customer care and minimise the risk of losing our customers’ trust. We try to get to know our clients as well as possible, understand them, identify their needs and then use this knowledge to provide suitable solutions, options and comfort when they are managing their investments. We assist our customers throughout the whole process and constantly adjust specific details to achieve a balanced result so that the whole concept aligns perfectly with the customer’s needs and requirements.

We have a flexible and individual approach to each and every customer, taking into consideration their requests, needs, wants and comments. In order to achieve a truly individual approach, we put a lot of effort into consultations and designs, even providing suitable alternatives according to the investor’s financial capacities. Our consulting services help our customers choose the right product, the main parameters being its design, colour, material, etc. You can see examples of our work in many historical and modern buildings. But what we are most proud of is the large number of satisfied customers, who mainly choose to work with us because we provide comprehensive services from initial designs to finishing touches. We work in close cooperation with architects and designers. Their job is to create detailed interior designs - kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms as well as areas for sports and recreational activities. If you are interested, you can make use of our comprehensive service starting with a consultation, after which we take care of everything else - we provide the material, apply the products and supervise the whole project. Simply put, we make sure that everything goes smoothly and the result is just as you imagine it to be. We do everything in our power to make sure that you are satisfied with the result.

If you are interested in our services, feel free to get in touch with us. We can either meet in person or you can simply contact us by phone or email and we will gladly give you advice on anything you need. Together, we can find a solution that works for you. We will take a look at your specific requirements and send you a free quote.

We will be glad if you join our list of satisfied customers.

My name is Ivan Vlček. I am an entrepreneur and expert in decorative surfaces and mouldings. I have always worked with the best people in the field and it makes me happy that I can continue to do so in the field of interior and exterior services. Initially, I saw ALPRELI s.r.o. as a new challenge. What appealed to me the most was its reputation, tradition and especially its clear vision. Starting my own business is always difficult, sometimes downright rough, but I don’t regret my decision - freedom is an invaluable thing. Leading a business isn’t just work for me. I see it as a lifestyle. I am currently the executive manager of ALPRELI s.r.o., where I mainly focus on clients who require quality, security, well-made designs and close cooperation.

I'm happy to assist you with any project and tailor it to your needs and financial capabilities.

Ivan Vlček, executive manager of ALPRELI s.r.o.

Customer satisfaction
We care about the comfort of the people who use our products or live in buildings where our products have been used. Our solutions and services are here to save our customers time and ensure a feeling of safety and comfort.

We care about the things that are important for our customers. We try to understand their needs and fulfil their requirements.

We care about the quality of our work. That is why we focus on smart, responsible and cleverly solutions. Since we are active in the construction market, our solutions are designed to be long-lasting. We take great care to pick reliable products and components that will have no negative effects on your health and safety.

Our credo
People only remember
only 10 % of what they hear,
only 20 % of what they see,
only 40 % what they hear and see,
but they remember 100 % of what they experience!

Now it’s your turn to experience.

Our motto
Our rigorous quality control ensures that our products and services are the best on the market. We do our best to make them perfect on all levels, living by the motto: “Nothing is so perfect that it can't be improved”.

Since our company was established, we have completed a large number of projects in every area that we are active in, both at home and abroad. We can proudly proclaim that the quality of our work has only increased, and even after such a long time it still goes hand in hand with our good reputation.

But what we are most proud of after many years of existence is that our customers and business partners still trust us like they did years ago. Although there is strong competitive pressure in the form of cheap, low-quality products, there are still clients who require quality, safety, well-made designs and close cooperation.

Below is a small selection of projects in which our products were used. It is a showcase of our most successful work - true gems that show the immense creativity and expertise of our workers.

The references that you see here are not just empty phrases - there is an enormous amount of energy behind them. And we do all of that for you - our customers.

Click HERE to see for yourself.

Bardejov, shop DECOR in HARMONY
Bratislava, bar 1001 Nights
Bratislava, bar Greenwich Cocktail Bar
Bratislava, hotel Arcadia
Bratislava, interior showroom Prunus
Bratislava, hair salon VLADO HORŇÁK - HAIR SALON
Bratislava, café Antik Cafe 
Bratislava, beer spa BBB Prešpork
Bratislava, pizzeria and beer house Posedenie na rohu
Bratislava, elder care facility Dom Tretieho Veku
Bratislava, spa RaMaDaSa Spa
Čereňany, castle Afrodita
Kaluža, hotel Thermal ŠÍRAVA
Myjava, chemist's shop Petra
Myjava, restaurant Café & Restaurant Family
Myjava, restaurant KROSS HOUSE
Nová Dubnica, reference and training institute SIMONE MAHLER
Oščadnica, boarding house Fuňák
Poprad, restaurant and boarding house Cin Cin
Považská Bystrica, gambling club VIX
Senica, driving school HÍLEK
Stará Turá, school Stredná odborná škola Stará Turá
Šamorín, curtain shop Firhang
Tatranská Lomnica, hotel Titris
Trenčín, chocolate shop BON BON
Trenčín, hotel Grand Hotel
Trenčín, studio DIZAX
Trenčín, elder care facility Seniorville
Trenčín, kitchen showroom TRENAB
Trenčín, furniture showroom UNI-MIER
Trenčín, boarding house Feši
Trenčín, restaurant FATIMA
Trenčín, beauty salon ROYAL SALOON
Trenčín, goldsmith’s LORETTA
Trnava, beauty salon HIGH CARE CENTRUM
Žilina, restaurant SPIRIT

Czech Republic
Brno, temple Prabhupád Bhavan
Brno, dental clinic Šikl & Caha
Brumov-Bylnice, hotel ARÉNA
Čistá, town hall Čistá
Dlouhá Ves, hotel Annín
Chomutov, hotel U Dvou medvídků
Krnov, bar Klub na Zámečku
Malá Morávka, hotel BRANS
Mcely, castle hotel chateau Mcely
Olomouc, hotel Clarion Congress Hotel
Olomouc, flooring showroom MAPETO podlahy s.r.o.
Ostrava, restaurant KOBE
Písek u Jablunkova, hotel Bahenec
Popovičky, hotel Park Hotel Popovičky
Praha, hotel Antik City
Praha, hotel U Prince

Praha, hotel U Zlatého stromu
Praha, studio BOAdesign
Praha, studio IANUSS
Praha, café Divadelní kavárna Studio DVA

Praha, beer spa BBB Praha
Praha, restaurant KOBE
Praha, restaurant Mirellie
Praha, restaurant Pho Original
Praha, manor house Koloděje
Rozvadov, hotel King's
Rozvadov, casino King's
Tábor, hotel DVOŘÁK
Uherský Brod, residence GC

Cranleigh, country house Rydinghurst

…. and many more

Our products and projects often appear in articles in renowned newspapers, magazines and websites. You can also see them mentioned in various expert commentaries in print media and television programmes. You can also find us at PRAGUESTAY.

Below is a selection of some of them, providing a short overview of our products and services offered in recent years.

Before you start comparing our prices with the competition, do not forget to consider the following factors that influence the price:

- whether the provider has an original training certificate indicating that they have successfully completed technical and product training by the producer
- whether there is a guarantee of system quality, especially in regard to using original components and procedures specified in product data sheets
- which services are included in the price and which are not
- physical characteristics during use, the resulting thickness, the number of layers and the number of materials used
- the quality of workmanship in critical details (combinations of two materials or several shades of colours, transitions, connections, etc.)
- whether original tools needed for the project are available
- whether the guarantee, maintenance and expert consulting on decorative products are available
- whether the provider has experience (references) with projects like yours
- the supplier’s history, recommendations and availability of permanent contact details

Our team includes experts who have been trained directly by our producers and they all have a very professional approach to their work. They keep in touch with the latest news, technologies and products that are currently high in demand. Naturally, they are also experienced in applying them. We can therefore guarantee that they complete high-quality professional work that always leads to our customers’ satisfaction.

Since we are direct importers, there is almost no risk that you would receive different products than the ones you ordered, expired products, mixed materials, etc. If you order the products and their application from us, you will get them for the lowest price available. Of course, the off-putting practices mentioned earlier do not apply to all craftsmen - there are also fair and responsible companies.

If you would like to receive a quote for your project, you can use the contact form at any time. Otherwise, you can contact us by phone at +420 604 999 999 and arrange a meeting.

Our sales department is constantly looking for new distributors, developers, house painters, decorators, architects, planners, designers as well as construction companies that wish to reach the full potential of their product range. Our activities are headquartered in Prague, where the products are applied, stored, sold and shipped to all our customers.

If you are looking for ways to further develop your company and to find new areas where you could expand, we can help you.

Information for sellers
We focus on both wholesale and retail, which is carried out through our network of business partners, i.e. distributors, dealers and specialised shops. If you are interested in becoming a partner, feel free to get in touch with us. Please send us information about your company, its activities, areas of interest, plans for the future and (if available) references.

How to place an order
Our products can be ordered in our online shop, by phone or in person. All phone orders then need to be confirmed in writing.

Online orders
Our online shop always has up-to-date information available. It offers simple and secure access to our system using a user name and a password. After logging in, you will be automatically redirected to our products with current prices and you will be able to order them by adding them to your cart.

If you aren’t a registered business partner, you can use the online shop to get up-to-date information about our product range and the suggested retail prices.

Terms of payment
The products will be shipped once we have received your invoice payment. Your products will only be reserved until the due date of the invoice. Cash on delivery is available as a payment option. It is not possible to extend the due date covered by a promissory note (or another form of credit).

The goods can be delivered using a courier service (payment in advance or cash on delivery) or collected in person (payment in advance). Orders are usually processed and shipped within 24 - 36 hours (on workdays).

Detailed specifications, product data sheets, specifications of accessories and information about the technologies used in our products can be found in the tabs of the individual product types.

Here is a guide for effective communication with our sales department:
- your company is in regular contact with your own personal dealer
- providing you with all relevant and available information
- processing the orders you placed online, by phone and in writing
- offering you product advice
- regularly visiting your shop(s) in person
- providing you with the required marketing support
- finding solutions to your current needs
- regular feedback is important to us since we constantly strive to improve the quality of our services
- we appreciate all your remarks and comments
- if you have comments on the shop and sales support, please address those to your personal dealer
- should the dealer be absent, the management and administration of your shop will be assigned to a different dealer, who will ensure that all of our services are always available to you

You will receive regular updates on new products and information about promotions to your email address.

If you are interested in our products and you would like to sell them in your own shop, feel free to give us a call at +420 604 999 999 or get in touch with us online using our contact form.

This will grant you access to unmatchable prices and customer support 7 days a week.

We look forward to working with you.

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